The Internet can be a strange, mind-boggling place at times. For David Freiheit, a Quebec man who once used a drone to wax his legs, the web provides an opportunity to tinker with gadgets and cook odd foods before uploading the videos to YouTube for millions of people to see.

Under the username Viva Frei, Freiheit’s most successful video to date has been a clip in which he and his daughters whip up an omelette with one massive, spherical ostrich egg. Though the video has been viewed nearly 2 millions times since June, Freiheit may have finally outdone himself this week. On Monday he and his family cooked another ostrich egg, this time hard-boiling it for an hour-and-a-half, before cutting into the thick shell with a coping handsaw.

After minutes of anticipation, with Freiheit hacking into the shell for what feels like an eternity, watching him pull the huge, bulbous yolk out of what could be a dinosaur egg is supremely satisfying.

“This is the biggest hard-boiled egg on the planet,” Freiheit before taking a bite out of his creation. “Amazing.”

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