Over the years, Eddie Huang has been able to turn a love of food and hip-hop into a successful NYC restaurant, a best-selling memoir, and two popular television shows. And while the chef has been busy traveling the world for his eponymous Viceland series, Huang's World, his other ABC sitcom, Fresh Off the Boat, is about to kick off its third season this week.

FOTB set the premier of the season in Huang's ancestral Taiwan, and Hudson Yang—the 12-year-old actor who plays a young Eddie on the show—decided to hit the streets of the capital city and taste the regional delicacies that the BaoHaus kingpin loves so much. 

To help guide him through his culinary adventures, Hudson was joined by Janet Hsieh, the host of the long-running travel show Fun Taiwan on Discovery's TLC Asia.​ Hsieh​ takes the child actor around the Shilin Night Market in Taipei, where Hudson gets to taste regional specialties like chicken feet, pig's blood pudding, and the notorious "fried stinky tofu," which, shall we say, was not his favorite. 

"It tastes stinky," the actor says, rocking an impressive "Soba & Udon & Somen & Ramen" shirt. "I'm never eating tofu again." 

"You have a weird version of delicious," he adds later. 

Hudson might not have liked every dish he tried, but he was a good sport throughout. Check out the full video above, and catch the season premier of Fresh Off the Boat on ABC this Tuesday.