Football is a dangerous game. Every Sunday, these gladiators step out onto the gridiron and put their bodies in harm's way for our entertainment. Sometimes a big hit results in a broken bone, or a torn ligament, and then other times a player gets a small cut on his finger after trying to cook up some homemade soup.

Earlier this week, the Dallas Cowboys’ Dez Bryant—one of the best wide receivers in the NFL, according to ESPN—suffered such an injury, slicing his middle and ring fingers while chopping up some carrots for a nice fall stew.

Bryant, who once claimed he maintained a 3.1 percent body fat by eating five slices of Pizza Hut pizza on a nightly basis, also suffered a tibial plateau fracture last month.

Still recovering from two equally harrowing injuries, the wide receiver somehow made it to practice on Wednesday, but couldn’t catch any passes, despite describing his laceration as "extremely, extremely minor.”​

Back in 2011, during Bryan't rookie season, the player went out to dinner at Pappas Bros. Steakhouse and was forced to pick up the team's entire $55,000 all by himself. Well, as it turns out, the Cowboys' hazing rituals haven't evolved much over the years. On Monday night, the annual rookie dinner took place at Nick and Sam’s steakhouse, where the players racked up a $54,494.59 tab—at least partially from 21 shots of Louis XIII cognac, which run about $250 a piece.

We're sure that cut on Bryant's finger hurts, but something tells us the rookies' wallets are hurting even more this week.

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