In one of the best videos we’ve seen on the Internet in a good, long time, surveillance footage surfaced this week of a wild deer crashing through a restaurant's window, nearly running over half-a-dozen customers in the process.

According to NWI Times, the renegade deer galloped into the Aspen Cafe in St. John, Indiana at roughly 7 a.m. on Monday, just an hour after the restaurant had opened. When the owners, Bessie and Gus Karalis, went to investigate the noise, they found the animal barreling toward them headfirst. Clearly freaked TF out, the deer flails it’s legs and charges through the dining room as it knocks into tables and whacks it’s head against the walls.

But as quickly as the deer came, it was gone, finally jumping out another window at the other end of the restaurant.

Luckily, no one was hurt, and the Karalis’ son, Nickita, helped his parents board up the windows the animal had shattered. Though it’s a mystery what caused the deer to cross a major thoroughfare and jump clean through a glass window, Nickita was willing to venture a guess.

“It must have smelled some good food, I’m assuming,” he said.

Something tells us Aspen Cafe is going to get some interesting Yelp reviews this week.