Few experiences in life are more humiliating than sitting in a restaurant, looking nervously over your menu, and then proceeding to butcher the pronunciation of your meal while shamefully avoiding eye contact with your server. Luckily, a new book from Ross and Kathryn Petras—a brother and sister team who work as “scholars of stupidity,” according to Publisher’s Weeklyseeks to educate the masses by pointing out the most commonly mispronounced words in the English language.

Aptly titled You’re Saying it Wrong, and available on Ten Speed Press, the book unsurprisingly features a number of food items, from everyday gaffes like “croissant” (pronounced “kwah-SAHNT”), to fancier Italian fare like bruschetta (pronounced broo-SKEH-tah).

“A 2015 study conducted for Dictionary.com found that 47 percent of all Americans are irritated by mispronunciations and correct their family and friends,” an introduction for the book reads. “This is the prime reason for this book: to help us all avoid that unpleasant mortification that ensues when we attempt to use one of the surprisingly large number of words that we have absolutely no idea how to say properly.”

Well, the New York Post compiled some of the most crucial food and beverage blunders from the book, and now you have no excuse to mispronounce the word gyro ever again.