On Thursday, after Ben & Jerry’s released a powerful statement in support of Black Lives Matter, the Vermont-based ice cream company’s Twitter account was flooded with messages of praise and support, as well as the troll-ish, right-wing hate-mongering that’s become all-too common online.

While some are threatening to boycott the brand, in the hours following B&J’s pledge of support to the new civil rights movement—in which the company stated plainly that “all lives will not matter until Black lives matter”—fans started suggesting some fresh flavors for the newly woke dairy slingers. Using the hashtag #BenAndJerrysNewFlavors, Twitter brought the jokes on Friday, suggesting everything from “Go Shawty It's Sherbet Day” to “Blackberry and Proud.”

Frankly, it’s about time the brand switched up the whole jam band-inspired flavor thing, swapping out tired names like "Phish Food" and "Cherry Garcia" for "Rum and Raisin Awareness" and "Don't Touch My Pear." Here are some of the best the socially conscious new tastes the Internet could come up with.

[via BuzzFeed, Complex Life]