It’s finally October, and Election Day is looming ominously in the not-so-distant future. Usually, November 8 is accompanied by a strange sense of relief—a collective sigh that the political circus is once again winding down—but this election cycle has been a source of near-constant tension and anxiety, with the fate of humanity hanging in the balance. Luckily, between all the bickering and name-calling, we have wisecracking celebrity chefs to help us make sense of all the insanity.

Back in June, in an interview with the New York Daily News, Parts Unknown host Anthony Bourdain jokingly admitted that he would rather dine with GOP candidate Donald Trump than his Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton.

“Trump. But for all the wrong reasons,” he said when asked to choose between the two. “I'd like to see him struggle with chopsticks and eat a well done fucking steak."

Well, it seems like Bourdain now is flip-flopping on that decision, responding with a resolute “absolutely f—ing not” when asked if he’s still willing to dine with the Donald.

“I’ve been a New Yorker most of my life, [and] for better or worse Mr. Trump is a New Yorker,” Bourdain told The Wrap. “We know him well here. We’ve watched how he does business and we’ve watched him say things and then we’ve seen whether or not he did those things, we have seen how he treats the people he does business with. I would give the same answer that I would have given 10 years ago, when he was just as loathsome.” Ouch.

Though we’re sure dinner conversation between the two media moguls would be enlightening—with Trump imparting simple bits of wisdom on the chef, like how to avoid paying taxes, and tricks for eating fried chicken with tiny, stubby fingerswe all know Bourdain couldn’t cheat on his true political beau, Barack Obama.

Earlier this year, Bourdain slurped noodles with the president in Hanoi, Vietnam, and made some serious headway in replace Joe Biden as Obama’s top bro.

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