Anthony Bourdain is a busy man these days. While the eighth season of his series, Parts Unknown, continues to air every Sunday on CNN, the chef also released a new cookbook, Appetites, earlier this month, and has been traveling around the country on his current "Hunger" speaking tour.

Now Bourdain will take his talents to the silver screen, producing a new documentary on the global ramifications of food waste.

According to a press release, the Rockefeller Foundation has partnered with Bourdain’s Zero Point Zero Productions for Wasted! The Story of Food Waste—a film about the economic and social cost of food loss in the U.S. and beyond. Featuring renowned celebrity chefs like Massimo Bottura, Dan Barber, and Danny Bowien, the documentary will aim to shine a light on the 1.3 billion tons of food that ends up in the garbage every year, rather than on hungry Americans’ plates.

"This is an important and informative film and a project I'm proud to be part of,” Bourdain explained in a press release. “Chefs have been at the cutting edge of efforts to contend responsibly with the problem of food waste, perhaps because they, more than others, are painfully aware of the egregious volume of perfectly usable, nutritious food that could otherwise feed people in need, being thrown out in our restaurants."

Co-directed by Nari Kye and Anna Chai—the Emmy Award winning filmmakers behind Bourdain’s PBS series, Mind of a ChefWasted! The Story of Food Waste is currently in production, and expected to join the festival circuit in 2017. In addition to its impressive roster of celebrity chefs, many of whom have already spoken out against the dangers of food waste, the film plans to use travel, cooking, history, and science to inform the public about “one of the greatest problems of the 21st Century.”

And while the numbers can seem daunting at times (one-third of the food produced worldwide is wasted every year, while the average American throws out roughly 25 percent of what they buy) the idea that food waste is a problem that can be solved through action.

“Food waste is problem that affects people and the planet, yet food waste is also a problem we can solve,” Dr. Judith Rodin, the president of the Rockefeller Foundation, said in a statement. “Wasted! The Story of Food Waste, will show how everyone can make changes to minimize what we throw away, inspired by chefs who know that by being creative in the kitchen, we can put more food on our tables and less in the trash.”