Action Bronson and Rachael Ray couldn't come from two more distant corners of the culinary universe. One represents the tail end of the celebrity chef phenomenon, skyrocketing to fame with a number of programs on the Food Network and a syndicated talk show. The other signals a new vanguard taking over food and travel TV, globetrotting around the world and smoking weed out of $20,000 bongs.

Well, worlds collided on Tuesday when Bronson joined Ray on her eponymous talk show, The Rachael Ray Show, to cook up some "Xplosive" Szechwan hot fried chicken.

It's rare that we get to see Bronson in a traditional studio kitchen while the audience laughs and cheers from behind the camera. But the Queens-bred rapper proved that he's reached a point in his career where he can feel comfortable in almost any scenario.

Ray and Bronson got along like old pals, praising each other for the niches they've been able to carve out for themselves in pop-culture over the years. Though the prospect of Mr. Wonderful cooking with a woman who shortens extra virgin olive oil to EVOO might seem like the makings of a culinary odd couple, the chemistry between the two chefs was apparent from the get-go. 

"Ooh, that's so sexy. I'm standing right next to him!" Ray says to giggles from the crowd, as Bronsolino works his wok over a flame. "Viceland is so amazing. If you guys haven't checked out this channel—I mean, I've been a fan of Vice for years, but Viceland, it is riveting." 

Bronson might not look like your typical celebrity cook, but since launching his Viceland series, Fuck That's Delicious, the culinary school drop-out has steadily won the respect of the old school legends. Earlier this week, Mario Batali told First We Feast that he would be making his hip-hop debut on Action's next record, reading a poem from Dante's Inferno leading into one of the rapper's songs.