If there’s two things Action Bronson loves, it’s smoking weed and making sandwiches. Earlier this year, the Queens-bred rapper dropped $20,000 on a new “respiratory recycler” bong, and in July, Bronsolino taught his fans how to make a “fat guy sandwich” with fried chicken, ice cream, and Hennessy.

Now, in a new video for Munchies, the Fuck That’s Delicious host combines his two passions yet again. To begin, Bronson rolls up to the Vice test kitchen stoned out of his gourd, pulling a strange, skull-shaped bong out of a power tool case and lighting it up with a blowtorch.

“You gotta hit the wild shit,” he says with glassy eyes. “I came here high out of my mind. I literally just came back from the studio right now, rapping some craziness.”

Bronson then proceeds to make his “ode to a butcher’s sandwich,” laying a fat rib-eye steak on some Italian bread and drizzling it with olive oil. The sandwich is then topped with ricotta salata, Calabrian chiles, and a “smear of grape must from the 1989 vintage of Paolo Bea Winery’s top red wine,” according to Munchies. (Action claims the grape must was smuggled into the country in a crew members butt, though he might have been joking—we can’t really tell.)

Watch the video above to check what Bronson couldn’t make—and couldn’t smoke—during his big coming out part on the Rachael Ray Show earlier this week.

[via Munchies]