Nestled on Doyers Street in Chinatown, Nom Wah Tea Parlor has been serving baked goods and small plates of Cantonese delicacies since 1920, making it the oldest dim sum shop in New York City, if not the country. In recent years, after Wilson Tang took over the restaurant from his uncle Wally, Nom Wah has become the standard of excellence for dumplings and dim sum in the five boroughs, opening a counter service spin-off in Nolita this fall, as well as a second full-service location in Philadelphia.

As Nom Wah’s name continues to ring out in NYC, the restaurant tends to attract its fair share of novices—people who have never held a pair of chopsticks before, let alone tasted some of the more exotic items on the store’s menu. Now, in a new episode of Zagat’s “Stop Doing It Wrong,” Tang gives a few newbies the lowdown on how to eat dim sum without completely embarrassing themselves.