In a world dominated by fast-food horror stories—like finding a rat’s head in a box of fried chicken, or watching flies get zapped over a bunch of exposed sandwich meat—one woman actually received a relatively pleasant surprise when she unwrapped her meal earlier this month.

Last week, Selena Avalos called in a lunch order to her local Domino’s Pizza in San Jose, California. About to dig into what she thought was a box of chicken wings, Avalos instead found $5,000 in cash—quite possibly making it the only occasion in history where someone did not immediately regret ordering chicken wings from a fast-food pizza joint.

A manager at a nearby cell phone store called Spacetel Wireless, Avalos guessed that the money was the restaurant’s bank deposit, and called the location in the hopes of speaking with a manager to return the money. And though one might expect a franchise to be panicked after losing that much cash, it took more than 24 hours for the customer to hear back from anyone at Domino’s, ABC 7 reports.


Avalos couldn’t believe it.

“Wouldn’t they be thinking, ‘Where did that money go?’” she told the ABC affiliate.

It wasn’t until Avalos reached out to local news outlets that the story caught the attention of Domino’s corporate offices, which helped her get in touch with the franchisee.

Instead of throwing the cash in the air and making it rain, Avalos instead chose to do the right (albeit slightly more boring….) thing and returned the money to the store. Still, she didn’t exactly walk away empty handed. Domino’s thanked Avalos by providing her with free pizza for a year. She’s also receiving an extra week of paid vacation from her employer in recognition of her honesty.

If we had to guess, we’d say Avalos’ week off is going to feature at least a few appearances from the Domino’s delivery guy.

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