Over the years, the Vulgar Chef has blessed us (or cursed us, depending how you look at it...) with a never-ending array of heart attack-inducing creations. From ramen tacos and poutine sushi, to bacon-wrapped “Yolo Cannolos” and leftover Chinese food cupcakes, the interminable vulgarity of chef Kyle Marcoux never seems to disappoint. Still, after years of imploring fans to #EatLikeShit, the cook may have finally outdone himself this time.

The other week, while sipping on a Monster “Rehab” energy drink filled with vodka, Marcoux set out to make a “Crunchwrap Double Cheeseburger.” Of course, the item is exactly what it sounds like: two beef patties, a handful of jalapeño​s, thick slices of American cheese, a sprinkling of Fritos, and then two goddamn Taco Bell Crunchwraps serving as the bun.

The whole thing is grilled in bacon fat on a flat-top stove, and when the mess is finally over, Marcoux threatens to make the dish again, only with the Tex-Mex chain’s new Triple Double Crunchwraps instead. May God have mercy on his bowels.

While Taco Bell is known for its outlandish menu items—turning slabs of fried chicken into taco shells and tortilla chips, and then dusting everything in Doritos powder—the company has yet to enter the fast-food burger game. If Burger King’s new Mac ‘n Cheetos are any indication (Marcoux claimed the chain stole the idea from him earlier this year), maybe the “Crunchwrap Double Cheeseburger” will turn up on the Taco Bell sooner rather than later.

[via Foodbeast]