Football season is in full force. There are games three days a week, fantasy roster updates every day, and near-constant media coverage of players protesting the national anthem. So when two mediocre teams meet up on a Thursday night, you know both teams are going to pull out all the stops to attract viewers and spark conversation. This week, it all started when the Miami Dolphins broke out some new color rush uniforms for their game against the Cincinnati Bengals. 

But as soon as the Dolphins trotted onto the field in their neon orange 'fits, some hungry football fans busted out their Photoshop skills, letting the world know how they really felt about the team's new digs. Unsurprisingly, Twitter once again had absolutely no chill. 

As if getting slandered on Twitter wasn't bad enough, the Dolphins' also got the cream filling knocked out of them by the black-and-white clad Bengals, losing 22-7. Something tells us Miami will be back to their classic blue and white uniforms by next week, and that Creamsicle sales skyrocketed last night.

[via BroBible]