Tracy Morgan is finally returning to the comedy world after recovering from his traumatic, almost-fatal car crash in 2014—a six-vehicle pile-up which ultimately killed his close friend and fellow comedian, James McNair.

About to set out on his “Picking Up The Pieces” tour, Morgan decided to tested out some new material at an unlikely venue in Manhattan this week. According to Page Six, customers at Old Homestead Steakhouse—the famed, century-old restaurant in the Meatpacking District, which boasts one of the most expensive cuts of Kobe beef in the country—were treated to an unexpected practice-run from the former SNL cast member.

And while big-name comedians like Louis C.K. and Jon Stewart are known to do surprise sets at old-school rooms like the Comedy Cellar on Macdougal Street, Old Homestead is apparently one of Morgan’s favorite restaurants. According to an anonymous source, patrons didn’t need tickets, and Morgan just felt like trying out some new material while he waited for his manager to arrive.  

As Grub Street notes, Page Six got the scoop on the set, but failed to include a single joke from the comedian (smdh). Still, it sounds like Morgan may have had a little fun with the crowd. Though he told patrons he can’t eat red meat because of a kidney surgery in 2010, he proceeded to house an entire 2-pound, rib eye steak. Basically, the whole evening sounds like a scene straight out of 30 Rock.

While details from Morgan’s routine this week are scarce, he has hinted at the content of his new material in recent interviews.

“I’ve seen Biggie Smalls,” Morgan told the View, referencing the coma he fell into following the accident. “He looks good… He lost weight.”

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