Whether or not you’ve followed the back-and-forth of diss tracks in recent days—or parsed the conflicting stories surrounding Sean Kingston’s $300,000 stolen chain—it’s become abundantly clear that The Game and Meek Mill hate each other’s guts. And though Meek's lawyer claims his client never actually snitched on The Game, as the rapper claimed, at this point facts don’t matter: Once a beef picks up this kind of momentum, it takes on a life of its own.

On Thursday, following a performance in Reading, Pennsylvania where the rapper could be heard shouting “Fuck Meek Mill” to cheers from the crowd, The Game continued to throw shots at the Philadelphia-bred rapper and his friend Beanie Sigel by eating a cheesesteak at the legendary Geno's Steaks on 9th Street in South Philly.

In a video posted to Snapchat, The Game could be seen slapping a 100 dollar bill down on the counter (“A donation to Geno’s,” he said) while ordering a couple sandwiches. Later, the rapper could be seen sipping on a soda from Geno’s while blasting a song from Sigel, who had recently sided with Meek Mill in the escalating feud

“Shout out to everybody in South Philly, man” The Game says in the video. “We just left Geno’s, full as a motherfucker, man. Shout out to Anthony, all the people at Geno’s that looked out.”

So far, The Game has already dubbed Meek Mill a “Nicki Minaj sideshow” and called Sigel out for going to rehab, but eating their city’s signature sandwich may be one of the coldest moves yet.

[via XXL]