Chicken may be the most consumed meat in the US, according to the Department of Agriculture, but there's at least one restaurant chain where it might make sense to lay off on the poultry. Last week, someone claiming to be a Subway shift manager in the UK participated in a Reddit AMA, and opened up about the best and worst items on the menu.  

Basically, the manager claimed that some of Subway's chicken options—specifically the chipotle chicken melt and sweet onion chicken teriyaki—were maybe a little suspect.

"Why?” he wrote. “Chicken is given a two day shelf life, once in the counter. However [chipotle chicken and teriyaki chicken] bypass this and get four days, and can get a little stinky."

“I'd recommend anything else,” he added. “[S]ubway (at least my Subway) is very strict on quality control and dates. Steak is probably the freshest, and safest.”

Another user claiming to be a former employee at a Subway in the US said things operated quite differently at the location where he worked. The former sandwich artist said the chicken lasted much longer than it probably should have at his particular location. Caution: This is where things get a little gross.

"I was a subway employee for around a year here in the states and Seeing that you guys have a 2 day shelf on Chicken teriyaki amazes me," he wrote. "Our CT had a 5 day shelf and we were told that once it reaches the 5th day, to just change the date. With all of the shift changes and varying factors, we never knew how long this chicken was out (between 5-9 days). I quit after I got reprimanded for throwing out CT on the 5 day."

Unsurprisingly, the UK shift manager was “quite disturbed” over this alleged five-day shelf-life business, pointing to the strict health codes restaurants are forced to follow across the pond. Back in the States, it may be time to re-think that whole “Eat Fresh” motto one restaurant is storing chicken for a full business week.

While the details are disturbing if true, Subway is no stranger to getting dragged on Reddit. In June, a man dared Redditors to come up with the worst Subway sandwich possible, and promised to eat the most vile concoctions. The results were predictably horrific.

“Get the wheat bread. Insist that they “lube it up son!” first by slathering a copious amount of mayo on both sides. To the point where you can’t see bread anymore,” one user wrote. “Then you get them to toast it on 3. Add cold meatballs and you’re good to go.”

Maybe we’ll stick to the chicken after all…

[via BroBible]