Basketball season is right around the corner, and Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors seem primed to set the NBA on fire for a third year in a row (despite that little 3-1 lead they blew…). But as the offseason comes to a close, Steph’s wife and burgeoning Food Network star, Ayesha, let the public in on some lesser known secrets about “Chef Curry” and his real abilities in the kitchen.

In an interview with People at a signing for her new cookbook, The Seasoned Life, Ayesha spoke about the first meal Steph ever cooked for her back in college. Like most college bachelors, Steph’s cooking game was extremely weak back in the day. Luckily, he didn’t whip up a couple of bowls of instant ramen, but what he did prepare did wasn’t much better.

“The first time he cooked for me was many, many years ago when he was in college and it was disgusting,” Ayesha said. “It was salty cream of wheat, a burnt bagel, burnt eggs and a garnish of Gushers."

To the average college freshman, that probably sounds like the breakfast of champions. And besides, who has time to learn how to cook when you’re busy hitting 500 jumpers day? Still, as Curry’s game on the court has matured over the years, so too have his skills in the kitchen. Later in the interview, Ayesha admitted that Steph’s culinary chops have drastically improved since his time as a Davidson College dorm room reject.

"He’s gotten much better,” she said. “[H]e has kitchen confidence now.”

Since the season hasn't started yet, Steph was at the book signing this week to smile, shake hands, and kiss the posters of his wife's new book. Can we just elect the Currys to the White House already?

[via People]