These days, it seems every foodstuff comes drenched in bacon grease. In 2016, pork-lovers can get their hands on bacon-infused soda, bacon-infused toothpaste, bacon-infused beer, and bacon-infused cologne. Now, there’s finally a bacon-flavored song to go with America’s favorite breakfast meat.

Comedian, Late Late Show with James Corden bandleader, and all-around funny man Reggie Watts has a new endorsement deal—signing on as the new spokesperson and resident beat-maker for Black Label Bacon. In their first collaboration, Watts can be seen replacing his turntables with a couple of frying pans while making a song entirely out of bacon sounds.

Watts uses the hiss of the sizzling grease, the scrape of the spatula on the pan, and the crunch of the first bite to construct a track that should be going double platinum with no features any day now.

“Tasty bacon, put it in the pan, get super excited,” Watts says in a faux-british accent for some reasons.

Watts is a master of improvisation, but this might be his most original production yet. "As far as I know this has never been attempted," he told Foodbeast.

Well, we hope you attempt it again, Reggie. This jam has been stuck in our heads all day.

[via Foodbeast]