In one of the more disturbing fast-food nightmares in recent memory, a woman named Rosemary Thomas claims she found a deep-fried rat’s head mixed in with her Popeyes chicken order.

According to DNAInfo, the gruesome discovery took place at a Popeyes located at 2730 Frederick Douglass Boulevard and West 145th Street in Harlem on Sunday. Thomas promptly posted a photo of the alleged rat dome to Facebook, along with a scathing rant aimed at the franchise. The post has since been shared nearly 100,000 times. 

“This is clearly a rat and they have the nerve to have a 5 rating by the department of health," she wrote in the post post. "My daughter is traumatized. I had to take her to urgent care last night, vomited with diarrhea all day."

As DNAInfo points out, the Popeyes in question does in fact boast an “A” health grade, but in 2015 inspectors found that the restaurant was "not vermin proof" and has "harborage or conditions conducive to attracting vermin to the premises.”

Oh, great...

Renee Kopowski, a spokesperson for Popeyes' corporate office, told the website that the chain has reached out to franchise owner to get the full story.

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