Earlier this year, news broke that Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio had successfully installed the country's first ever "pizza ATM." While the concept of automated pizza vending machines has surfaced sporadically throughout Europe, the invention promised to combine America's unbridled love for gooey cheese and tomato sauce-slathered bread with a cultural obsession around mind-numbingly simple convenience. It was a match made in heaven. 

Well, it's not really fair that the joy of using a pizza ATM should be hogged by a bunch of college kids. Now, a company called Pizza Touch based out of Orlando, Florida has installed three new pizza vending machines around the area for the public, and plans to introduce roughly 100 more throughout the state in the coming months.

Like Xavier's invention, Pizza Touch stores it's 9-inch pies in a refrigerated compartment, bakes them in a built-in oven, and the presents the cooked 'za to customers in two minutes flat on a cardboard tray. According to the Tampa Bay Times, the machines currently produce three  different varieties—cheese, Margherita, and peppers and mushroom—but Pizza Touch hopes to incorporate more toppings soon.

The company believes it's filling a void in the country's already over-saturated pizza market.

"First, it's something new in the United States," a spokesperson for Pizza Touch, a company that has roots in Italy and Portugal, told the Tampa Bay Times. "Second, people here have a business lifestyle. They don't have time to stop and eat. To have a hot pizza ready to go in two minutes, that's a great thing."

While Pizza Touch also has hits sights set on college students (man, those kids love their 'za....), the company is also hoping to set up shop in hospitals, hotels, malls and tourist attractions throughout Florida and beyond. If Disney World was equipped with a pizza ATM on every corner, it really would be the most magical place on earth.

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