It used to be that American Express’ infamous “Black Card” was the most exclusive piece of plastic in the country, given only to the world’s wealthiest, most elite individuals. But now, for the third straight year in a row, a card unlocking an even more extensive array of worldly pleasures will be made available to thousands of Americans: Olive Gardens legendary “Never Ending Pasta Pass.”

That’s right. On Tuesday, the fast-casual Italian restaurant announced that beginning this week customers would once again be able to gorge themselves on an endless supply of pasta, soup, salad or soda, and, yes, breadsticks as they can stomach for seven weeks. Beginning on Thursday at 2 p.m., carb-addicted patrons can drop $100 on the pass and keep themselves in constant supply of fettuccine alfredo for the next 1,176 hours.

Last year, the 2,000 passes the restaurant chain was offering sold out in a fraction of a second—crashing the company’s website and sparking conspiracy theories in the process—so this year Olive Garden decided to up the ante with 21,000 cards.

“Last year, we saw our Pasta Pass holders use their passes an average of 28 times over the seven-week promotion—often bringing along groups of friends,” Jose Duenas, Olive Garden’s executive vice president of marketing, told Bloomberg. “We were able to generate new excitement for a fan-favorite promotion while tapping into our most loyal guests and allowing them to serve as brand ambassadors.”

OG’s “brand ambassadors” took to Twitter this week to rejoice over the good news.

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