Over the years, breakfast has steadily devolved into a thinly-veiled excuse to snack on some early-morning dessert, leaning heavily toward maple syrup-drenched pancakes, sugar-topped waffles, and fruit-filled pasties. Luckily, Mind of a Chef—the PBS documentary series executive produced and narrated by Anthony Bourdain—is here to remind us that breakfast isn’t really breakfast without a hearty helping of eggs left sizzling on a pan.

In a compilation of scenes from past episodes, the show details the myriad ways in which chefs prepare their yolks. First, we see hands snatching at eggs from nests and chicken coops before chefs, slice, whip, chill, and crack their shells over the grill.

“Eggs are one of the few ingredients when cooked that talks to you,” one of the anonymous chefs says as EDM music starts to pulse in the background. “Who wouldn’t want that for breakfast?"

Despite the controversy over eggs Benedict in the culinary world, the clip concludes with a thick glop of Hollandaise sauce dripping over a pair of fluffy, poached eggs.

Still want that "Belgian" waffle from Starbucks?

"It’s everyone’s favorite food," the description for the video reads. "From the NYC classic egg on a roll to Faroe Island fulmar egg and curry, this episode of The Mind of a Chef finds us going through and re-falling in love with the best egg dishes from our archives. Crack it open, and let the fun begin.​"

[via Mind of Chef/YouTube]