McDonald’s has been going through some changes lately. Earlier this year, the fast-food chain announced it would begin testing preservative-free chicken and fresh, never-frozen beef at select US location. Then, the company started putting fitness trackers in its Happy Meals, before the items were quickly recalled.

And while few could argue that cleaner ingredients are a bad thing—especially when it comes to one of the world’s most notoriously unhealthy restaurant chains—is it possible that Ronald McDonald’s latest effort to stay relevant has gone too far?

This week, news broke that McDonald would be opening a new McCafé in Paris. And while the restaurant may look kind of like a McDonalds, and smell kind of like a McDonald’s, for some reason the restaurant won’t be selling standard McDonald's fare like burgers, fries, and Chicken McNuggets, according to le Figaro. Yes, that’s right, we’ve finally reached a point where items like the Big Mac, the Quarter Pounder, and the McDouble—the holy trinity of the McDonald’s menu—have been purged from one of the company’s restaurants entirely.

In what feels like a sure sign of the coming apocalypse, this stand-alone McCafé serves freshly-ground coffee, soups, sandwiches, muffins, macarons, salads, and a bunch of other fancy coffeeshop merde. To make matters worse, the café has been stripped of its Golden Arches, and there are no Hamburglers or Happy Meals in sight.

Classic McDonald's restaurants are omnipresent in France (more than 1,300 locations have opened around the country in recent), and burgers have become a staple of most French menus. McDonald’s still isn’t known for its high-quality ingredients or masterful cooking techniques, so aside from price, why would consumers choose to eat a McAron from a fast-food chain, and not an authentic Parisian bakery? Can somebody please send management at Mickey D's a brief memo reading, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”?

Whether or not this Golden-Arched faux pas turns out to be a success, this may be the biggest outage since “Freedom Fries.”

[via Eater]