Canadian culinary darling Matty Matheson has been getting a lot of shine lately. The tattooed chef has his own show on Viceland, recently took on the Hot Ones challenge like a champ, and now, in the waning days of summer, has found it in his heart to bless you the skills you need to make the perfect lobster rolls. 

Matheson teamed up with Munchies in their Brooklyn test kitchen this week, breaking down exactly how to whip up a simple, delicious lobster roll with a white cabbage coleslaw, and some crispy, home-made chips. 

"This is the lobster roll to end all lobster rolls. There's talks, discussions, debates, arguments over lobster rolls," Matheson begins. "We're going to end the war right now. Connecticut, New Foundland, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Maine. I'm going to unify, and I'm probably going to make a lot of people upset, because that's kind of what I do. I go against the grain.

Matty boils the lobster and pulls out the meat from the tail and claw before whipping up a simple, diced cole slaw with dill pickles, celery, onion, white cabbage, mayonnaise, and lemon juice, throwing major shade at red cabbage slaw and pissing off Southerners everywhere in the process. "This is the fucking goddamn best coleslaw in the world," he says. "I hate red cabbage coleslaw. If you make red cabbage coleslaw get the fuck away from me. I don't understand it. It sucks." Ouch. 

Matheson, unlike some mayo-loving New Englanders, also prefers to keep the lobster separate from the slaw, constructing the sandwiches from individual pieces instead of making one big lobster salad. 

Next, Matty gives you the secret of the crispy potato chip. By soaking the potatoes in water and vinegar before frying them, Matheson gets a beautifully crisp chip, which he then seasons with some Old Bay.

The lobster roll turns out looking pretty damn tasty. Make sure you check out the whole video above before that end of summer cookout. 

[via Munchies]