On Sunday, at a fundraiser for the Andrea Bocelli Foundation, Martha Stewart—the 75-year-old lifestyle goddess and Snoop Dogg cohort—revealed that she definitely will not be voting for Donald Trump this November, instead endorsing Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

Seeing as Stewart is a Barnard-educated, degree-holding adult with a pulse, it’s not surprising that she's hopped on the #ImWithHer bandwagon. Still, our favorite ex-con and celebrity chef did have some especially choice words for Mr. Trump and his campaign.

“There is so much to know and so much to learn and so much diplomacy and kindness and introspection that goes with that kind of job,” Stewart told CNNMoney. “And it does not exist in the world of Donald Trump.”

Ice. Cold.

Stewart also mentions how this is one of the most important elections of the last 100 years, and electing a candidate who is “totally unprepared” is not an option.

“We have to be very certain that we elect a person who has experience, knowledge, a base of education in the world of world politics as well as domestic politics and so obviously I'm voting for Hillary Clinton,” said Stewart.

Stewart and Trump go all the way back to 2006, when Martha took at stab at her own version of The Apprentice. Aptly titled The Apprentice: Martha Stewart, the show was executive produced by Trump, but struggled to gain ratings since the Donald insisted that his show remain on the air at the same time. Eventually, the sereies was canceled, and the friends had a very public falling out.

"Your performance was terrible in that the show lacked mood, temperament and just about everything a show needs for success," Trump wrote at the time. "I knew it would fail as soon as I first saw it—and your low ratings bore me out."

Typically, when a woman attacks the Donald, Trump comes back with some half-baked, misogynistic insult about her looks. Though the GOP candidate has yet to fire off a nonsensical, sexist tweet at Stewart this time around, the lifestyle queen now has friends like DJ Khaled, 50 Cent, and Fat Joe watching her back.

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