Throughout the course of his eight-year career in the NFL, a Marshawn Lynch media appearance was a rare and brief phenomenon, occurring only so the former Seattle Seahawks running back wouldn’t get fined by the NFL, or to tell 60 Minutes about his undying love for Taco Bell quesadillas. But now that Lynch has retired—and is about to release his own “Beast Mode” line of chocolate bars—some long overdue media promotion is in order.

Appearing on Conan Tuesday night, Lynch—like some kind of Gene Wilder-Oprah hybrid—placed a chocolate bar under one audience member’s seat. Yes, the candy bar had a golden ticket hidden inside, and yes, the ticket blessed one lucky fan with the opportunity to tour Lynch’s chocolate factory in Seattle, Washington. We haven’t checked out the Beast Mode factory yet, but we’re guessing it’s a little less whimsical than Wonka’s, and maybe a little more terrifying.

Still, the proceeds from the chocolate bars—available for $11.99 through Lynch’s website, or at his Beast Mode apparel store in Oakland, California—will go to a good cause.

“Every Beast Mode bar purchased will result in a contribution to Marshawn’s Fam 1st Family Foundation,” Conan said during the segment, as he and Lynch sported matching Wonka-style top hats.

In the past, Lynch has shown Skittles some love, but clearly, Beast Mode bars are the former NFL star’s main priority at the moment. After the segment on Conan, Lynch shared a clip on Twitter of him struggling mightily to package the chocolate at his factory.

Maybe retiring from the NFL wasn’t the best idea after all.

[via Rolling Stone, FTW]