While "beefcake" is an item rarely seen on restaurant menus, one Washington, D.C. eatery has just found a way to combine an all-male burlesque show with brunch food, finally allowing diners to experience the best of both worlds. Sax, an “opulent restaurant and lounge” located on 11th Street NW, wants to put a more titillating spin on Eggs Benedict and Bloody Mary’s by launching “Sir Sundays,” an experience inspired by, yes, the male stripper masterpiece, Magic Mike.

“This electrifying show brings together some of the hottest men in the DMV area for a theatrical experience that will leave you begging for me,” the event’s website reads. Still, a masterful lead from the Washington Post—a 138-year-old newspaper with a total of 47 Pulitzer Prizes—perhaps sums up the experience even better: “The whole room smells like eggs, and there’s a man wearing only underpants suspended from the ceiling.”

A ticket to Sir Sundays allows visitors the chance to ogle dancers, aerialists, pole performers, “go go boys,” and, of course, “table studs.” Mercifully, those who attend the event will be well liquored-up with an unlimited supply of mimosas. The menu serves dishes like gruyere quiche while men gyrate to the pulse of songs like “Soldier” by Destiny Child.

“The food is not great,” one women told the Washington Post, as her friends criticized some of the more “balding” and “flamboyant” dancers. “God made man in his image. So we’re here to worship his image,” adds another.

In addition to receiving table service from scantily clad servers, patrons get to see floor performances from an array of dudes who resemble slightly less attractive versions of Channing Tatum and Matthew McConaughey.

The first event started on September 11 (“Honestly, though, what a great way to celebrate America,” one woman says), and will continue for as long as it’s successful—so, in other words, forever.

“I’ve never seen women act like this,” Sax’s security guard said in disbelief.  At least we know where Magic Mike XXXL is going to be set.

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