Say what you will about Lil Dicky. Since going viral with the video for “Ex-Boyfriend” in 2013, the 28-year-old comedian and rapper has been called every name in the book. Two years ago he was dubbed a “defensive, clueless asshole” in an excruciatingly awkward interview with Noisey. But, at the same time, the Pennsylvania-raised MC’s videos have continued to do crazy numbers online, with his single “Save That Money” with Fetty Wap and Rich Homie Quan garnering over 54 million views on YouTube.  

Well, asshole or not, you can’t choose who your childhood friends are. As it turns out, Dicky—then David Burd—grew up with Mike Greenfield, who, along with his brother Josh hosts, the MTV cooking show Brothers Green Eats. The friends recently reunited to film a segment, whipping up some cheap eats while reminiscing about old times.

“He was just as crazy and hilarious back then as he is right now,” Mike said of his friendship with the rapper. “The guy used to put on performances for our entire bunk, and it’s so amazing to see him now doing it for the whole world.”

With only $20 to buy ingredients, the brothers set out to make “Little Chicky Tacos” with Dicky. Putting their own spin on fried chicken tacos, they take one of the rapper’s favorite cereal brands, Rice Krispies, and use it as breading.

While Josh works on the chicken, Mike puts together a simple slaw made with cabbage, cilantro, sesame seeds, and a simple dressing including orange, soy sauce, and rice vinegar. The brothers then top the tacos off with some cream cheese, which Dicky lovingly refers to as “lubricant.”

In honor of their friend—a self-professed hot sauce fiend—the brothers created three different spicy flavors for the rapper and his crew to try: “Hot as Dick,” “Smokey Dicky Sauce,” and “Little D’$ Hot $auce.” After testing all three, the table comes to the consensus that Smokey Dicky is, of course, the best kind of sauce.