Over the years, the hamburger has become practically synonymous with American cuisine, infiltrating menus at fast-food joints and fine-dining establishments alike. So when two of the trendiest patties in country are slated to be sold at the same location for just 48 hours, the hype levels are bound to hit critical proportions.

Aptly titled “The Great Meat Up,” Chicago’s legendary Au Cheval is collaborating with Brooklyn mainstay Emily at Chef’s Club on Mulberry Street for one night only on October 10. For New Yorkers desperate to get their Chicago meat fix, Au Cheval will also be doing a solo dinner the night before on October 9.

Located on Randolph Street in Chicago, and billing itself as a “diner style bar and restaurant with a passion for eggs,” Au Cheval has garnered acclaim over the years for being one of the Windy City’s best eateries in general, but it has its cheeseburger to thank for most of its fame. Comprised of two prime-rib patties, pickles, Dijonnaise mustard, and American cheese on a toasted bun, Au Cheval’s burger has often been deemed one of the best the America’s crowning, meat-filled achievements. Back in 2012, Bon Appétit called the item “perfect griddle burger” and claimed that it might be the publication’s “favorite in the country”—so you know the hype is real.

Still, the Emmy Burger is nothing to sneeze at, either. Headquartered in Clinton Hill, the beloved pizza and burger joint has wowed New York with its dry-aged beef patties served on game-changing pretzel buns, and topped with Grafton cheddar and onions. Last year, the Emily received a number of nods from publications like Bloomberg and New York magazine, who deemed the item one of the city’s best and most important burgers.

Each burger will be available for $18 at the Chef’s Club dinners. Unsurprisingly, reservations are currently sold out, but with burgers this good, it might be worth camping out on the sidewalk for a chance to get in.

[via Grub Street]