We’ve all been there before, right? You’re trying to get your hands on that teriyaki chicken joint from Subway (OK, well, maybe not the teriyaki chicken joint....) when all of a sudden your credit card gets declined. You politely ask your sandwich artist to try the card again—“there must be some mistake lol”—but after the third swipe, the other customers are starting to give you the side-eye, looking up from their sloppy, American cheese-covered meatball subs to pity you.

Times are tough. But now, Justin Bieber—a 22-year-old aspiring rapper from Canada, who recently turned down a $5 million dollar check from the RNC—feels your pain. According to the Daily Mail, Bieber’s credit card was declined in West Hollywood on Thursday after attempting to buy a foot-long sandwich, four bottles of milk, and some cookies at a local Subway.

Luckily, a fan recognized the singer and offered to pay for his meal. Curiously, the hero didn’t caution Bieber against buying four bottles of milk from Subway, but the day ended without the singer having to scrub any dishes in the back of the restaurant.

Still, as Bieber exited the store, he didn’t look exactly pleased.

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