Since its release in 2011, Jiro Dreams of Sushi has established itself as required viewing for anyone with a Netflix account and even a modicum of interest in the culinary arts, becoming one of the most popular food-centric documentaries since Supersize Me. (Shout out to Morgan Spurlock, that scene where you puke out of your car is iconic.)

Anyways, unlike Supersize Me, the vast majority of viewers will never be able to gorge themselves on world-class, three-Michelin-starred sushi at Sukibayashi Jiro right after viewing. Between Jiro’s age (the dude turns 91 next month), the impossibility of snagging a reservation, and the cost of traveling to Japan alone, the experience a little less attainable than showing up at a McDonald’s drive-thru.

Here’s the good news, though: Daisuke Nakazawa—an omakase-style sushi chef who studied the trade for 11 years as an apprentice at Sukibayashi Jiro—has taken up residency in New York City, opening his eponymous, four-star restaurant, Nakazawa Sushi, in 2013. Sure, four-star restaurants are still out of most New Yorkers’ budgets, but, hey, it’s the closest the US is going to get to Jiro-quality sushi for now.

Earlier this week, Munchies interviewed Nakazawa about his technique, his nonconformist sushi style, and his love of American food, following him to both the legendary Katz’s Deli and Joe’s Pizza.

Of course, the 11-minute video includes mesmerizing shots of impossibly fresh sushi being brushed with yuzu-chili paste and sake sauce, as customers shove the bite sized pieces of fish in their faces with the least amount of grace possible. The video also includes an introduction to Nakazawa’s business partner—Bronx-red restaurateur Alessandro Borgognone—and presents the urgent need for a Rob & Big-style reality show about the their friendship.

If world-class sushi isn’t in your price-range, we won’t judge you if you order a California roll and some pork gyoza from Seamless after watching this.

[via Munchies]