Since the dawn of the modern barbecue, hotdogs and hamburgers have existed as a sort of fast-food yin and yang. When consumed together, the two items provide a perfectly balanced cookout experience, completely satisfying one’s innermost desires and cravings. Over the years, the only problem has been that of physics and geometry—it’s impossible to consume both a hotdog and a hamburger at the exact same time. One either has to trade off between bites of each, or devour one after the other. Philosophers hypothesize that this conundrum is what has kept man from achieving nirvana.

Well, humanity is in luck; our savior has finally arrived. According to the BBC, an Australian hero named Mark Murray has successfully patented an invention called the “Hamdog,” a bun which allows the consumption of a hotdog and a hamburger at the exact same time. Like all geniuses ahead of his time, Murray was laughed at when he first unveiled his invention, hoping to gain funding through an Australian TV show called Shark Tank, where contestants pitch their ideas to potential investors.

“Everyone told me it wasn’t possible, because you’d need a patent lawyer and it would cost millions of dollars,” Murray told “Even [Boost Juice founder and Shark Tank judge] Janine Allis told me that it was impossible to patent. She’ll be eating her words now.”

Apparently, revenge is a dish best served on a Hamdog bun. Though the creation was first patented in the US in 2009, Murray is only starting to sell the items now. According to, the Hamdog costs $8, and features a handmade roll, as well as a “Bunbury beef patty cut in half, with a Hunsa frankfurt inserted in the middle.”

“Load it up with your favourite ingredients and BANG there's a party in your mouth,” Murray said last year, describing the invention to chuckles from the Shark Tank judges.

Who’s laughing now?

[via, BroBible]