Guy Fieri is crushing it. The mayor of Flavortown has three TV shows, owns more than 40 restaurants across the US, and is best friends with the lead singer from Smash Mouth. If success was measured in donkey sauce, Guy would be drowning in it. So when Fieri gives you some advice, you listen. 

At the opening of his newest restaurant, Guy Fieri's Smokehouse, in Louisville, Kentucky, Louisville Business First​ caught up with the celebrity chef to find out what kind of advice he would give to young chefs trying to mimic his success—sadly, it's not all in the hair. 

"Reach out. Be a part of your community. Work with your guests. You're in a community that loves great food. And comes out to eat. And comes out to share it. Just put yourself out there and get involved." Fieri told the publication. "Make yourself as available as possible, being a chef—we're artists in one sense, businesspeople in one sense, we're caregivers in a sense. We do a lot. We wear a lot of hats in this business."

And while Fieri is speaking specifically of the local restaurant scene in Louisville, anyone who's worked in the industry knows that the same concept is true in every city. Guy may be a nationally renowned chef, but he's also become a mentor to America's next class of culinary innovators. As the old saying goes, give a man a fish and he'll eat for a day; teach a man how to bleach his hair and he'll look like a frosty-tipped god for eternity. 

It may sound simple, but complexity was never Guy's strong suit. He's always been more concerned with crushing it. 

[via Louisville Business First​]