If you’re a human being, chances are you love Mexican food. Hell, even Donald Trump—whose status as a human being is shaky at best—likes to chow down on a taco bowl every now and then ("I love Hispanics!"). The stuff is unequivocally delicious. Still, there’s just one problem when it comes to eating out at a Mexican restaurant.  

Basically, you sit down and you figure you’ll start out with some chips and guacamole for the table—just a little snack before the entrées come out. But before you know it, you’ve gone through 12 avocados and a pound of chips, ruining your appetite for the night. Well, luckily a new restaurant in New York City is combating the dreaded chip trap, offering guacamole as the centerpiece of the its menu.

According to Mashable, the new East Village spot is aptly titled “GUAC,” and the restaurant takes the green stuff seriously. The restaurant—opening Friday, a.k.a National Guacamole Day this Friday—features 11 types of guac, including varieties like Fried Golden Bacon, Exotic Mango, and Tequila Abanero. Mercifully, pea-infused guac doesn’t appear to be on the menu, much to the New York Times’ dismay.

The restaurant also plans to serve traditional guacamole, as well as tacos, nachos, and other Mexican culinary staples. But mostly the chef is expecting you to eat an avocado-based dinner, urging customers to "come in and guac-it-out" while warning not to "knock it 'till you guac it."

Guac will also have a tequila bar serving specialty margaritas. There’s no word on if the restaurant will have an avocado margarita, but, hey, we wouldn't put it past them.


Guacamole is what we do best. #guacamole #guac

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[via Mashable]