Earlier this year, Dwyane Wade's personal chef, Richard Ingraham, told First We Feast that every time LeBron James came over to visit his buddy, the duo would eat a special batch of chocolate chip cookies together. It was an amusing anecdote that fit with the former Miami Heat players' long, well-documented bromance, but little did we know just how close the two stars had become during those four magical years in South Beach.

In an interview with Food & Wine on Monday, Wade—a notoriously picky eater—revealed that he trusts James with his life when it comes to ordering at restaurants, often seeking his counsel over that of his wife, Gabrielle Union. Apparently, LeBron has a preternatural ability to guess exactly what Wade is in the mood for at any given moment.

“LeBron is one of my best friends. When we eat out he's like, ‘You should try this,’ and he knows exactly what to order for me,” Wade explained. “This might get me in trouble, but I would have LeBron order for me before I would let my wife [actress Gabrielle Union]. She'd get me nine different things to be sure there's something I like. LeBron just knows.”

Wade is known for having a sweet tooth, as well as an aversion to seafood and vegetables. Over the course of the last 12 years, it's been an uphill battle for Ingraham to get the 34-year-old guard to pick at a salad or try a piece of fish. When the two first met, Ingraham prepared a massive spread of smothered turkey wings, mashed potatoes, fried chicken, fettuccine alfredo, cornbread, and candied yams.

With that it mind, it's possible that LeBron just sticks to the classic when ordering for Wade, right? Guess again.

As Complex notes, Union once told ESPN that James was the only person who could get Wade to eat bass.

“Two years ago, at just such a dinner in New Orleans, Union could only watch, deeply confused, as James unilaterally picked seabass for a man who'd expressed a lifelong distaste for fish,” ESPN wrote earlier this year. “‘It's what I wanted,’ her husband would later explain, shrugging. ‘Bron got me on seabass.’”

We're hoping LeBron at least let Dwyane pick out the wine pairing.

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