Back in July, Drake was spotted at a Cheesecake Factory in Houston, Texas, allegedly shooting scenes for his next music video before heading to V Live, a stripclub on Richmond Avenue.

Now, almost two months later, the inevitable has finally happened. On Saturday night, while Drizzy was performing at Houston’s Toyota Center for his “Summer Sixteen” tour, the rapper finally dropped a video for “Childs Play,” one of the most talked-about cuts off his album VIEWS earlier this year.

While it was always more a question of when Drake would drop his Cheesecake Factory-centric visuals, rather than if, few could have foreseen a 12-minute-long short film starring Tyra Banks coming from the OVO kingpin.

In the song, Drizzy famously raps the line “Why you gotta fight with me at Cheesecake, you know I love to go there,” and the video, available via Apple Music, is essentially a mini soap opera based around the concept. In the video, while enjoying some cheesecake and wine for dessert, Banks confronts the rapper after finding texts from other women in his phone.

After screaming at other diners and clapping in the rapper’s face (“I call you Aubrey, your mom calls you Aubrey, these bitches call you fucking Drake”) the video reaches an amazing climax just before the four-minute mark when Banks shoves a fistfull of cake right into Aubrey’s face and dumps wine all over his head. “Cheers, boo,” she says as the music kicks in.


[via Complex]