As Americans continue to protest police violence around the country—most recently taking to the streets in Charlotte, North Carolina following the killing of Keith Lamont Scott—nothing says I'm sorry quite like baking a cake and decorating it with sloppily drawn frosting stick figures.

Well, as we all know, folks do things a little bit differently down in Florida, and now former Escambia County deputy Michael Wohlers has baked such a dessert for a woman he shot with a stun gun in 2015, the words "I'm sorry I tased you" scribbled in child-like handwriting across the top.

According to the New York Post, Wohlers tased an apartment complex worker named Stephanie Bryon in 2015 over a glass of sweet tea she had sitting in her office. Though a refreshing beverage is hardly just cause for an on-duty officer to shock someone with tens of thousands of volts of electricity, Wohlers was allegedly out of uniform and acting "aggressive" toward Bryon and her co-workers.

Unsurprisingly, Bryon filed a lawsuit against the officer claiming a slew of wrongdoings, from battery to causing physical injuries, monetary loss and humiliation to violating her civil rights. And though Wohlers lawyers fought the claims in court, this sorry excuse for cake (there is literally a stick figure police officer tasing a stick figure woman on this thing) seems to be at least a partial admission of guilt.

Still, whether Wohlers is "sorry" or not, on Monday the Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission opted place the officer on a one-year probation from any Florida law enforcement agency, according to the Post.

Clearly, cops take their cakes seriously. Earlier this week, a Walmart came under fire after refusing to make a police officers' family a "racist" Blue Lives Matter dessert.

[via New York Post]