As the NFL’s reigning MVP—and an undisputed style Gawd—Cam Newton is used to flossing on the competition. Typically, that translates to dabbing in the end zone, but during the NFL season opener on Thursday night, the Carolina Panthers’ quarterback unveiled a couple new moves.

The season kicked off with a Super Bowl rematch between the Panthers and the Denver Broncos. And even though Newton and his teammates lost 21-20, one moment stood out to us more than the score of the game, or even Broncos linebacker Brandon Marshall choosing to take a knee during the national anthem like Colin Kaepernick.

While the game was full of highlight, at one point during the third quarter, the cameras scanned over to Newton, catching the quarterback flossing between offensive possessions on the sideline.

Mothers around the country are no doubt rejoicing today, pleased that their kids final have a role model for dental hygiene, but let's just hope that dentists don't start dabbing in the middle of their root canals.

"I was eating oranges at halftime," Newton said said simply during the postgame news conference. Yup, just like an 8-year-old on the soccer field, Cam eats orange slices at halftime.

While Newton is famously pescatarian—”I feel if I can control myself not to eat meat,” he told GQ earlier this year—there’s no word yet on whether the QB’s new food truck, Smok’n Aces, will be garnishing their fish with orange slices and complimentary dental floss.

Needless to say, the Internet had some jokes on deck. 

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