First came Taco Bell with its Doritos Locos Tacos, a turning point that lead America to devour billions of cool ranch and nacho cheese-dusted hard-shells in just a few short years. And Now, Burger King, Taco Bell’s mortal enemy when it comes to the fast-food innovation wars, is hoping to one-up the infamous DLT by adding an extra layer of crunch to its patties.

According to the Street, BK is currently testing a new steakhouse burger topped with a certain seasoned tortilla chips. The specialty item comes with two patties, American cheese, lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise, and yes, a handful of Doritos. And though it's not exactly clear which flavor comes with the burger, from the press photos it seems likely that the classic nacho cheese-style is the chip of choice for now.

Restaurant Brands International, the company that owns Burger King, is testing out its latest creation in Spain, but according to a “source close to the matter” the new burger will only be available until November 21.

Still, the dish is only the latest installment in a series of new menu items from Burger King in recent months. Perhaps hoping to stay on the cutting edge by combining its classic menu items with beloved snack-foods and Tex-Mex, the company recently launched the Whopperito, as well as the much-hyped Mac n’ Cheetos. Both items are exactly what they sound like; the former is a chopped up burger wrapped in a tortilla, while the latter is a bunch of macaroni and cheese bites coates in Cheetos crumbs and thrown in the deep fryer.

There's no word on if or when Burger King will bring its latest Frankenstein monster to America after the item's run in Spain. But before we start topping our burgers with Doritos stateside, maybe Burger King should think about bringing its “Meatatarian” menu over from Australia.

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