In a genre of music where artists are constantly beefing with one another (we’re looking at you right now, Kid Cudi…), Tupac’s “Hit ‘Em Up” is largely considered the greatest diss track of all time. After 'Pac, Hussein Fatal, Yaki Kadafi, and E.D.I. Mean take turns savaging the Notorious B.I.G and everyone the New York rapper knows, Makaveli goes on an unbelievable, two minute-long outro, screaming about how he’s going to murder Bad Boy Records and its affiliates.

While the hatred 'Pac felt for Biggie towards the end of his life has largely been unmatched until now, a rapper named Fatboy SSE has managed to capture the energy of “Hit ‘Em Up”—only this time, his anger isn’t direct at the King of New York, but Burger King.

In a video posted earlier this year, Fatboy—also known as BigMacBoy—can be heard relentlessly trashing BK while professing his undying love for McDonald’s. 

“First off, fuck Burger King, ‘cause we ride with McDonald’s, yeah, that’s the team,” he starts out. “Big Macs in this bitch, yeah, you know we hot. That Whopper shit around here, that shit get dropped.”

“Eat Big Macs, get money,” he spits over and over for the hook.

The video ends with Fatboy confronting a Burger King fan, smacking the Whopper out of his hands, and body slamming him to the ground. Still, BigMacBoy doesn’t just do diss tracks. Earlier this year, the rapper got in his feeling about the Golden Arches, remixing Drake and Future’s “Sway” with McDonald’s-themed lyrics.

“First I got married to money, then I fell in love with that Big Mac,” he sings.

Finally, something we can relate to.

[via @Jersey_Jynx/Twitter]