Back in the day, a man had to roll up to a gas station mini-mart and snack on a stale Slim Jim if he wanted to get his beef jerky fix. Over the years, however, a dizzying amount of “craft” jerky brands have started to pop up across the US, with companies like Brooklyn Biltong, House of Jerky, and Three Jerks Jerky taking the phenomenon of dried, salted meats out of 7-Eleven, and into artisanal markets.

One of the more high-end jerky companies remains Chef’s Cut Real Jerky, with the meat running customers $28 for just four 2.5-ounce bags. At prices like that—and with a product nicknamed “filet in a bag”—you won't be snacking on this jerky in the back seat of your pick-up truck. Instead, the company is devising a way to serve its jerky on a hovering cutting board powered by a drone.

Chef’s Cut—which was founded after a golfer took a bite of his caddy’s homemade jerky, and decided to take the recipe on tour—currently boasts a handful of athletic “ambassadors.” But the perfect man to test out the “JerkyBot” was David “Big Papi” Ortiz, the famed designated hitter for the Boston Red Sox and a self-professed jerky lover.  

Big Papi is apparently fed up with eating out of a bag, so he teamed up with Chef’s Cut and drone developer Andy Shen to create a drone specifically made for consuming salt-cured meats on the go.

JerkyBot is part drone, part cutting board, and all about delivering jerky in the clutch,” the company’s website reads. “JerkyBot is set to take jerky to new heights—like, serving tray height—to provide David (or anyone) premium, hand-cut, chef-crafted jerky on the go— without having to go anywhere.”

Luckily, Chef’s Cut has blessed us with a truly outrageous JerkyBot promo video starring Big Papi himself. In the clip, the ballplayer uses his hands for other important activities like shaving, vacuuming, mowing the lawn, and playing wiffle ball—all while he snacks on some premium jerky.

[via Foodbeast]