Ever since news broke that Anthony Bourdain was dining with Barack Obama in Vietnam—hanging at a small, bún chả restaurant in Hanoi for his CNN series, Parts Unknown—the chef has been teasing fans with little morsels of information. First, on the li.st app, Bourdain shared “six true things about dinner with Obama,” expounding on the president’s skill with chopsticks and how he made sure CNN’s camera crew got to eat. Then, last week, the network teased the first commercial for the season, showing the pair sipping beer together in short, two-second snippets.

Though Obama’s episode of Parts Unknown doesn’t premiere until September 25, CNN has finally released the first real clip of the president slurping up noodles with Tony. Over the course of a minute, viewers can see the chef explain how to eat the dish, and caution Obama against adding peppers if he has “an important state function” after dinner.

Of course, like a boss, Obama adds the damn peppers to his soup, but seems trepidations about how to attack the bowl.

“Is it appropriate to just pop one of these whole suckers in your mouth?” he asks, getting ready to grab a slab of pork with his chopsticks. After being given permission to slurp freely, the president seems to take great pleasure in his bún chả. “Mmm. This is killer. This is outstanding. It’s really good!”

[via CNN]