On Tuesday night, Donald Glover’s much-hyped television series, Atlanta, finally debuted on FX with back-to-back episodes. And while the reviews kept rolling in on Twitter throughout the night—with most viewers hailing Glover and the show’s writing staff for their honest portrayal of Black America—a few words kept ringing out louder than the rest: “Lemon pepper wet.”

During the show’s second episode, rapper Alfred "Paper Boi" Miles and his sidekick Darius find themselves in J.R. Crickets, the 32-year-old chicken wing joint on North Avenue in Midtown Atlanta.

In the opening scene of the series, Paper Boi gets in a shootout after a man kicks the side mirror off his car. One of the workers in the JR Crickets saw the story on Twitter, and sees Paper Boi as one of the last vestiges of a dying breed of MCs. “You see, I’m an old school cat, you dig?” he says. “I listen to Biggie and Mobb Deep. Still.”

The restaurant shows its respect by hooking the duo up with the lemon pepper wings. “But these got the sauce on ‘em,” the man adds in a hushed voice. Darius opens the box up slowly, like a treasure chest. “Lemon pepper wet?” Paper Boi asks in disbelief.

Twitter lost it over the scene, and the clip became one of the stand-out moments of the premiere.

In the trailer for Atlanta, other local spots like Rahim Chicken Supreme, Landmark Diner, and, of course, Waffle House were all teased. We’ll all have to wait and see where the crew eats next week.

[via gte736p/Twitter]