On the surface, a celebrity chef and a couple of mean-looking UFC fighters might not have all that much to talk about over dinner. One profession requires a taste for foie gras and a propensity for schmoozing, while the other calls for extreme self-discipline and a love of beating the living hell out of another human being.

Well, as we all know, Anthony Bourdain is no average celebrity chef. A former drug addict and current jiu-jitsu student, Bourdain has been redefining food-media for decades, being called the "bad boy" of the culinary world so many times its reached the point of parody. Still, if there was anyone who could wrangle the infamous Diaz brothers for a meal, it was him.


Saturday Night in #LA @natediaz209 @gilbertmelendez and @nickdiaz209

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Over the weekend, Bourdain posted a photo of himself giving the finger to the camera at a Los Angeles restaurant, surrounded by Nate and Nick Diaz, as well as Gilbert Melendez. With company like that, one's allowed to get a little cocky. Apparently, Nate and Nick—the former still looking a little beat up after losing to his arch nemesis, Conor McGregor, in a UFC 202 match last month—took a break from their strict training programs to sip some Tecates with Tony.

"I ain't surprised motherfucker," Bourdain captioned one of the photos, taking a rare L after a fan pointed out that he misquoted the fighter.

There's no word yet on whether the Diaz brothers will appear in an upcoming episode of Parts Unknown—or if Nate and Tony were vaping weed oil together between course—but if the TV camera in the corner is any indication, it's a distinct possibility.


Had a chance to kick it with @anthonybourdain yesterday. Good times.

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