For those truly obsessed with food and culture, there is perhaps no greater adventure than visiting Tokyo, Japan. Anthony Bourdain—who has dined in hundreds of cities over the years with the Travel Channel and CNN—Tokyo is still a place that pushes his boundaries and forces him out of his comfort zone.  

“Every time you need to feed yourself at a restaurant you’re taking the plunge,” the chef said earlier this year. “That’s what I love about Tokyo. You’re forced to learn stuff every inch of the way.”

Well, Viceland’s Action Bronson—one of the true heirs to the new school of food-media pioneered by Bourdain—had one hell of an adventure in Tokyo recently, dining on snakes and baby turtles at Tokyo’s Les Créations de Narisawa. Bronsolino stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live Tuesday night to discuss the life-changing experience, while grossing out the crowd a little bit. 

“It was an experience that I’ve never felt before in my life,” Bronson told Kimmel.

While dining at the world-renowned restaurant, owned by two-Michelin-starred chef Yoshihiro Narisawa, Bronson was brought out a number dishes to try, but wasn’t told what each plate contained. Instead, the chef asked the Queens-bred rapper and Fuck That’s Delicious host to guess.  

None of the guesses were correct, but who could have guessed that Bronson was slurping up smoky, rattlesnake soup and biting into a soft-shelled baby turtle? The admission was met with stunned silence from the audience.

“I felt terrible afterwards honestly,” Bronson said with a smile. “I felt like an animal.”

[via Jimmy kimmel Live/YouTube]