As some of you may already know, 2 Chainz hosts a web series for GQ titled Most Expensivest Shit, in which the rapper can be seen munching on gold-dusted popcorn, taking rips from $500,000 bongs, and drinking diamond-infused vodka. Well, on Tuesday, Most Expensivest Shit took an odd, highly literal turn when the Atlanta MC decided to test a cup of coffee made from actual cat shit.

Sure, the promise of 2 Chainz sipping on a saucer of feline feces is a captivating headline, but the coffee—called kopi luwak and produced in countries like Vietnam and the Philippines—is actually made from civets, a nocturnal mammal found in tropical forests throughout Asia and Africa.

Basically, these animals eat small red fruits called coffee cherries, poop out the partially digested pits, and then people make ground, caffeinated beverages out it. According to Titi Boi's guide through all of this, a brewer from Blossom Coffee, one pound of kopi luwak costs roughly $600. 

“These cups of coffee should come with fucking iPhones or something,” Chainz says, after learning that a cup of kopi luwak can go for as much as $100 in a café. “I don’t know if this is a smart question or a dumb question,” he continues. “What if you have, like, cat allergies. Can you drink this coffee? It’s been inside a cat, fam.”

He may have a point there. And besides, it’s better safe than sorry.

[via GQ]