In the context of food, it's hard to think of a greater equalizer than pizza. From Pope Francis to Rihanna, the perfect slice of cheesy, greasy goodness speaks to a type of culinary democracy (with its own lobbying group, of course). It’s the everyman’s to-go food, the darling of the internet for its endless meme potential. Its Neopolitan origins and modern spin-offs (like this pizza served in a box that is made of pizza) have inspired remarkable acts of tech innovationgoodwill, artwork, and even intense scholarship. 

You see the studious habits in the work of slice harvesters—hobbyists who scour the city to rank and rate the best pizza spots. And when you consider the regional varieties from around the country, you begin to realize that that obsession may not be so unwarranted after all. Meanwhile, a new generation of pizzaiolos hell-bent on replicating Old World techniques from Italy continue to push the boundaries. 

Whether you vouch for the classic slice or genre-bending pies, pizza will always remain a favorite—for everyone ranging from Olympians, comedians, athletes, to actors. To honor pizza's past, present, and future, we rounded up quotes from celebrities who pledge allegiance to one of the world's greatest foods.