Earlier this week, the Internet was very impressed when Wayne Nickerson, a fisherman from Plymouth, Massachusetts, reeled in the second blue lobster of his career. Thanks to a rare, genetic defect, just one in 2 million lobsters are born with a bright-blue body, making the odds of catching two in one’s lifetime almost astronomical.

Still, Nickerson’s accomplishment is basically trash compared to the extremely rare yellow lobster that was found last week at a restaurant in the Flatiron District of New York City.

According to a report from DNAInfo on Tuesday, Manhattan’s Burger & Lobster recently received its regular shipment of seafood from a company in Nova Scotia. After opening the cargo, the restaurant discovered a strange, yellow lobster hiding among the other crustaceans.

As it turns out, only one in 30 million lobsters have the rare, genetic mutation that turns the shell a lighter yellow color, according to the University of Maine Lobster Institute.

“We thought it would be nice to celebrate her a little bit, so we named her Ruby and plopped her in her own tank at the restaurant,” Steven Costello, the co-owner of the restaurant, told DNAInfo. “It was so cool when we discovered her, we had to enjoy her.”

The owners were so struck by the lobster, that they decided to “pardon” Ruby. Like Nickerson, Costello is interested in donating his rare lobster to an aquarium where others will be able to appreciate her beauty.

Still, Ruby apparently knows how fly she is. According to Costello, she’s developed a bit of a temper.

“Generally speaking, unless you touch [the lobsters] they’re pretty docile,” he explained. “But Ruby, if you go up and look at her in the tank she gets her claws up, ready to fight. She definitely has her own personality.”

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