Taking desperation to extreme and terrifying new heights, an 18-year-old Michigan man faces up to eight years in prison after impersonating a police officer in the hopes of becoming friends with Hooters waitresses on Facebook.

The jailed teen, Nicholas M. Fuhst, entered a plea of no contest in court last week, and is being held without bail until his sentencing in September, M Live reported on Tuesday.

On May 12, Fuhst presented himself as an undercover police officer at a Hooters in Kochville Township, using his false status to obtain the names of women working at the restaurant. He claimed the women were involved in an ongoing criminal investigation, and, apparently, made a fairly convincing detective. He was given a list of servers' names and left the restaurant on his very official, cop-like vehicle—a skateboard.

After reviewing the list, Fuhst returned to the restaurant and requested more detailed information on two servers whose names he had circled. Finally noticing some red flags here, Hooters employees called 911 and Fuhst was promptly arrested.

Still, the story takes an even darker turn from there. Upon his arrest, the real police reportedly found zip ties, lighter fluid, and three knives in the teenager’s backpack.

Fuhst was already serving two years of probation for arson and destruction of property crimes, and was also convicted as a junevile for criminal sexual conduct.

"I think there were some dark thoughts going through his mind," Joseph Albosta, the assistant prosecutor on the case, said at Fhust’s initial arraignment in May.

In addition to the felony of impersonating a law enforcement official, Fhust is also charged with a misdemeanor count of "disturbing workers."

"He indicated that he went to Hooters because he wanted to talk to the girls to see if they would be friends on Facebook," Christopher Boyd, the chief assistant prosecutor on the case, later confirmed. 

Earlier this year, an 18-year-old named Malachi Love-Robinson also made headlines after being arrested in West Palm Beach, Florida for impersonating a gynecologist. 

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